About Terphane

Terphane is a leading manufacturer in specialty polyester films with advanced manufacturing and research and development capabilities in North and South America and strong customer support

Terphane Products & Services

Terphane’s polyester films are suited for various conversion processes for the flexible packaging and industrial markets

Terphane Packaging

Terphane offers a wide range of packaging films for high-performance consumer products across the globe

Terphane Industrial

Terphane offers specialized polyester films with a wide variety of applications for the industrial sector
TERPHANE is a vertically integrated specialty PET film manufacturer with over 35 years of film production, coating and metallizing experience. Terphane has developed core technologies and processes in film production to offer a broad range of products to meet the needs of the flexible packaging and industrial markets. With production capabilities in both Brazil and the United States, Terphane has developed a comprehensive logistics network to provide its products and services on a worldwide basis. Recently, Terphane completed its most significant expansion, increasing both its film production and metallization capacity in Brazil. Providing a full line of advanced polyester films and specialty products, Terphane continues to meet the dynamic needs of its customers and the markets they serve.