Decoration (Cardboard laminate)

Decoration (Cardboard laminate)

Usually, this application employs metallized polyester films for decorative purposes. However, it is also possible to innovate and use sealable films to obtain hermetically sealed boxes without a hot melt adhesive. Terphane produces special film lines for this market with various aspects (metallized, matte, heat sealant). It also offers films for UV offset printing, which is the most common system in this market.


The Ecophane® line is an integral part of the packaging structures listed below. If you are looking for more sustainable packaging, choose films starting with the letter “r” (PCR resin – post-consumer resin) or the letter “b” (Biodegradable).

Get to know our solutions for laminated cardboard.

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  • Metallized
  • Matte
  • Glossy
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