These products deliver great convenience to the consumer since they are ready-made and allow food properties and flavor preservation Over the years, the introduction of new and innovative flexible packaging brought numerous advantages such as practicality and lower cost to both the manufacturer and the consumer. It also brought up the possibility of new products like special tomato sauces beyond pulp or tomato extract. Tomato products cannot risk oxidizing, so the high gas barrier is essential as they are hot filled. Terphane pioneered polyester films for this market segment. Get to know our solutions for tomato products.

Select a subcategory:

  • Sauce, pulp, purée, ketchup
  • Sauce, ketchup (unitary sachet)

Select a structure:

  • 3-ply layers
  • 2-ply layers

Select an aspect:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Metallized
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