PET Homopolymer

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Sealphane RESEAL

TRANSPARENT, biaxially oriented polyester film with PEEL, RESEAL, and HEAT SEALABLE on one side


  • Transparent with excellent thermal and mechanical stability, barrier to gas, water vapor and aroma
  • High performance in converting processes: lamination, printing, micro e macro perforation
  • Wide sealing temperature range without deformation: 248°F to 410°F
  • Seals to APET, rPET, and PET coated paperboard trays, bowls, tubs, and other containers
  • PEEL and RESEAL multiple times with strong force
  • Eliminates laser die cutting, providing full access to package content
  • SEALPHANE RESEAL complies with international regulations for food contact. Specific documents are available upon request

Typical Applications

  • Resealable lidding for fresh produce, salads, and nuts with or without MAP
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