Flexible packaging is ideal for various products including specialty foods, cleaning products, personal care and industrial applications. These packages have a better cost and are sustainable due to the reduction of weight, less use of raw materials, recyclibility and the possibility of being produced with post consumption recycled resins (PCR) and/or biodegradable materials.

Flexible packaged products are well protected thanks to the excellent barriers to oxygen, light, oil, humidity, along with high chemical and mechanical resistence. These packages are also presented in a large variety of shapes and volumes, and can use opening/reclosing/dosing systems that add convenience and functionality. These could include screw caps, dosing devices or zippers. The SUP (stand up pouch) is a good example of this versatiliy which includes its application as a refill packaging, potentially reducing up to 80% of the amount of plastic used when compared to a rigid packaging.

The features of the flexible packaging material also guarantee excellent printing properties, turning the packaging into a direct communication tool between product/brand and the final consumer. The plastic flexible packaging can be offered with a many finishing options such as a matte effect or soft touch texture. Transparency (with a window to visualize the product) and metallization (high barrier or premium effect) can reinforce the protection, safety and  communication of the package.

With all these technical and market advantages, brand owners increase the number of consumers using packaging with a consistent performance during the products life cycle, from the production line, to logistics (transport, storage and distribution), consumption and recycling.

We invite you to navigate the applications below and discover the many suggestions of different packaging solutions for various products.

Among the main applications of Terphane’s PET films, the following stand out:


Hygiene & Cleaning


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