PET Homopolymer

CORONA Treatment

Terphane M2BR

METALLIZED HIGH BARRIER, biaxially oriented polyester film with HIGH METAL ADHESION, and CORONA treatment on the opposite side


  • metallization with excellent thermal and mechanical stability, very high barrier to gas, water vapor, light and aroma
  • High performance in converting processes: lamination, printing and automatic packaging in vertical and horizontal machines
  • CORONA treated side provides enhanced adhesion to inks (rotogravure and flexography), adhesives and varnishes
  • High adhesion metallized side improves lamination bonds
  • Superior resistance to flex crack and pin holes compared to aluminum foil
  • TERPHANE M2BR complies with international regulations for food contact. Specific documents are available upon request

Typical Applications

  • General packaging market
  • 2 or 3 ply lamination packaging with long shelf-life. Examples: tomate sauces, bag-in-box, coffee, powdered milk, etc
  • Suitable for hot fill applications
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