Terphane’s velvet touch lamination films benefit the look and feel of packaging

Publicado em 23/12/2020
Terphane's velvet touch lamination films benefit the look and feel of packing

This line of BOPET films helps brand owners’ products stand out on shelves

Bloomfield, N.Y., December 2020 – Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by options on store shelves. As such, one of the top challenges for brand owners is to ensure their products stand out from the competition at the point of sale. Packaging plays a major role in drawing the consumer’s attention and effectively communicating the product and brand attributes, ultimately leading to purchase. With that in mind, Terphane (www.terphane.com), a leader in PET (polyester) films and an important global player, has developed a solution with its extensive line of matte films.

“The trend of textures on packaging is growing rapidly in the U.S., at rates above 15%, some experts estimate,” explains Célia Freitas, Terphane Market Development Manager. “The look of matte finish films is associated with healthier and more sustainable products, especially when compared to brighter alternative materials. Consumers generally see packaging with a matte finish as a more natural and reliable option.”

In addition to consumers’ positive perception of health and sustainability, another advantage of matte films is the ease of reading the information on the packaging, including nutritional information, ingredients, recipes and more. The dull surface of these films helps consumers to quickly review the information that interests them.

Terphane‘s portfolio consists of films with a matte finish and a variety of textures, including velvet touch, all of which were approved by Anvisa, FDA and EU for contact with food, including in hot fill applications.

“Our customers reacted very positively to the launch of our first coextruded matte film for printing,” celebrates Marcos Vieira, Terphane Global R&D Director. “Now we work to meet the demand for products with higher added value, adding matte barrier (BMAT) and sealable (SMAT) films to the portfolio,” he adds. “Recently, we also created VMAT2Z, our new matte film with a velvety touch, which brings very low gloss and high transparency, combined with a unique velvety touch.”

“There is a high demand for  matte films, especially for luxury packaging,” continues Célia Freitas. “We currently offer solutions for different segments such as cosmetics, baby wipes, pet food, snacks, candies, frozen foods, dairy products, processed meat, coffee, among others.”

About Terphane

Since its creation in 1976, Terphane is concentrated in the development of tecnologies and processes to produce special bioriented polyester films (BOPET). The team has a huge experience and knowledge in films´ producing, coating and metalization. The companhy is well known for its vertical production, from resin to special films. This feature guarantees a unique performance for Terphane films and takes the company to be leader in Latin America and an important global player. Terphane is part of the North American group Tredegar.

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