BOPET’s film

BOPET is more commonly known as biaxially oriented polyester. The resin used to make this is a material that, when processed by extrusion, becomes a plastic film. This material stands out for a series of benefits and characteristics that make it ideal for the production of flexible plastic packaging.

Below are some benefits and characteristics of BOPET:

  • Mechanical and Barrier Properties – BOPET is known for its excellent mechanical, optical, and barrier properties, thanks to the biaxial orientation process. This means it can better protect products from oxygen, grease, aromas, and water vapor. In the specific case of food, these properties are essential for extending shelf life and preventing waste. The properties can be defined according to the specific needs of the products to be packaged.
  • Lightweight and Versatile – These films are extremely lightweight and versatile, facilitating transportation and storage, and reducing logistical costs overall. Additionally, its flexibility allows for the creation of packaging in various shapes and sizes, easily adapting to product needs. The material also ensures good printability, which highlights the product at the point of sale. It is also possible to use various decorative resources, such as matte effect or soft touch, in addition to features that make consumption more convenient, practical, and functional, for example, with the insertion of straws, dispensing spouts, and caps in the packaging (bags or stand-up pouches).
  • Excellent Sealing Performance – Another important property of polyester is its sealing ability, making it an effective material for preserving food and other products that require a secure environment inside and outside the packaging.
  • Sustainability – In recent years, the recycling of polyester (PET) has advanced significantly in Brazil and worldwide, allowing the material to be part of a circular production and consumption chain. It is 100% recyclable and can be used to produce new items after post-consumer recycling, including for food contact. This advancement is possible thanks to cutting-edge recycling technologies and is essential to minimize any environmental impact of the material, in addition to promoting its circularity.

Another aspect is that BOPET can be produced with additives that contribute to its degradation under controlled conditions, such as landfills.

BOPET (biaxially oriented polyester) offers a unique combination of durability, flexibility, and barrier properties, making it an excellent choice for flexible plastic packaging. Its characteristics enhance product preservation and offer opportunities to innovate in packaging design and production, contributing to more sustainable practices.

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