Terphane believes that many solutions for sustainability, mainly in flexible packages market, lies on the reintegration of all bonds of the productive chain, and, as such, they need to work altogether to make a better sustainable environment-friendly package.

A strength of polyester film for flexible packaging is its lightness, when compared to rigid packages Therefore, the whole processing and logistics are optimized. Other features of polyester film is the space required for transport and storage; various closure systems; and a better “showing board” on the shelf. And the last, but not least, less waste volume.

As sustainability is a strategic issue for the company, Terphane created a Sustainability Platform based in three pillars:

1- TERPHANE PLANTS – Sum of actions directly related to decrease the Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impacts of Terphane Plants (Brazil and US).

2- SOCIETY and BUSINESS ENVIROMENT – Sum of actions to support recycling and the increase of the recyclability of BOPET and packaging structures utilizing Terphane products. Actions related to the neighboring community.

3- PRODUCTS / SOLUTIONS – Launch a sum of products with lower carbon footprint in line with Brand-owners, Customers, Consumers and Government expectations. Support customers to launch simpler and environment friendly packaging structures. 

The company already offers some solutions for sustainable products in the Brazilian market. Ecophane® state-of-the-art solution comprises 2 groups of products, namely: rPET manufactured using, at least, 30% of recycled post-consume PET resin, and bPET biodegradable film, which has technology that enables faster decomposition in landfills.

We shall highlight that all polyester films manufactured by Terphane are recyclable. Also, the new product line Ecophane® is inserted in the Circular Economy concept. That is to say all post-consume disposed packages are recycled and become a new package, for another purpose.

Besides our innovative brand-new sustainable line Ecophane®, we also highlight our metallized films which replace the traditional structures coated with aluminum. Specially for pouches, these films are great to replace rigid packages. The main advantages of metallized film are: simple production; logistical optimization by reducing the package weight, optimization of the room space required for transport and storage / warehouse; flexible shaping; and various closure systems.

Another innovative solution from Terphane is the PET film for oven bag which makes it possible to cook or heat food quickly, easily and safely within the package. The main difference is the possibility of placing a package in the microwave or conventional ovens (up to 210 °C) and low cooling and/or freezing (up to -30°C). It is also possible to use a single packaging, mono-material (polyester) and recyclable, disposing of the need for outer packaging.

Also, Terphane is the first company in the industry to adopt a plastic rack, with a metallic structure, which is foldable and reusable, to send film reels to our customers. In addition to reinforcing the concept of reusability and preserving the trees that were previously used for this purpose, the racks prevent possible contamination of the factory environment and products by insects, fungi and other residues that may be “hidden” in the wood of traditional racks.

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