Ecophane® lines fulfill a rising demand from the global market for more sustainable packaging. Ecophane® comprises 2 groups of products, namely: rPET manufactured using, at least, 30% of recycled post-consume PET resin, and bPET biodegradable film, which has technology that enables faster decomposition in landfills.



Sustainable Ecophane® rPET  film for the packaging market are manufactured using, at least, 30% or recycled post-consume PET resin (PCR). These films maintain the same thermal, chemical and mechanical stability properties of BOPET; reduce the carbon footprint, landfill waste, the employment of fossil raw-materials; and they are approved by ANVISA, FDA and EFSA (European Union), for food contact. And the newest SCS Global Services international certificate (Setting the standard for sustainability).

Find out how to contribute to the environment using Ecophane® rPET line:


The line of sustainable PET films Ecophane® bPET - Biodegradable was developed in compliance with ASTM D5511; accelerating the decomposition of the material by up to 95% in landfills, transforming the “plastic” into a natural fertilizer, in 4 years' time. The additive used is 100% organic, composed of non-toxic raw materials; The property of biodegradability is linked to the chemical structure of the polymer employed. Approved for direct food contact.


Biodegradation scheme of the Ecophane® bPET product line:

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