Terphane pioneers through the previous boundaries of film performance to meet our customer’s challenges and new business opportunities. This is Terphane’s focus, and has been since our founding. We are a state-of-the-art company that produces biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films. Terphane is vertically integrated, creating its own resins for specialized and highly diverse products.  Terphane’s wide array of PET films uniquely meet the demands of a changing flexible packaging market.

With plants in Brazil and the United States, we are positioned to supply customers on a world-wide basis. Terphane’s production capacity is approximately 65 thousand tons per year. Our second significant expansion in recent years is in the works, to support our growing business and that of Terphane customers. Ultimately, our purpose is to overcome challenging obstacles in a sustainable way through strong methodologies, adding value in everything we do. We strive to make a relevant impact where our customers need us most, growing our wide range of products.

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  1. 2021

    TERPHANE 45th anniversary.




  2. 2020

    GPTW and Best Companies











  3. 2019


    GPTW and Best Companies


















  4. 2018

    TERPHANE LLC named one of 2018’s Best Companies to Work for in New York State

    The Best Companies to Work for in New York State award recognizes the best employers in the state. It is a distinctive program that evaluates and ranks the best places of employment based on employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as workplace practices and policies. 


  5. 2017


    Terphane joined the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise (FAME) in 2017. 

    FAME members are community leaders committed to building the regional workforce talent that helps advance and grow the advanced manufacturing industry.  The end result is a bright, motivated, informed, skilled mind that contributes to the advancement of the sector.

  6. 2014

    P4 Line Startup, new metallizer and 2 supporting cutters

    2 new supporting cutters at Terphane Inc

    Investment of US$ 75 million in factory expansion

  7. 2011

    Terphane was acquired by Tredegar Corporation

  8. 2010

    Terphane now belongs to the Vision Capital Investment Fund

  9. 2008

    The US plant is awarded the AIB International certification, standards for manufacturing facilities for food packaging.

  10. 2007

    Installation of the 2nd coating machine and the 2nd metallizer

  11. 2005

    P3 Startup

    Utility Center and new supporting cutters at Terphane Ltda and Inc.

    Investment of US$ 50 million

  12. 2004

    New expansion of PDP

    Plus 6 sets, moving the total to 11 polymer manufacturing lines

  13. 2001

    Deployment of a metallizer and new slitter - PERNAMBUCO

  14. 2000

    The fourth and fifth sets of the PDP line start their operations

  15. 1999

    Deployment of the coating machine - PERNAMBUCO

  16. 1998

    Terphane becomes part of the Rhône Capital investment fund

  17. 1995

    Creation of Rohdia-ster

  18. 1994

    The plant was certified in ISO9001

  19. 1988

    The Kodak film plant in NY is purchased by the group

    P2 Line Incorporation - Bloomfield

    P1 Line Startup

  20. 1982

    Beginning of the first exports

  21. 1979

    The film line starts its operations - F1

  22. 1976

    Birth of the Terphane brand in Brazil

    Introduction of the use of polyester films in South America by importing films from France

  23. 1966

    Opening of Rhodia Northeast – PERNAMBUCO


Growing by creating value for the customer in everything we do.


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